Welcome to IBIS-Flora Beta Version

IBIS – Flora, a first of its kind portal, caters to users with an extensive database carrying information of a total of 21,764 species, 515 subspecies, 2,514 varieties, 4 sub varieties and 58 forma belonging to 3,667 genera, 271 families and 50 orders of APG III. Around 95,161 synonyms have been compiled of which 40,000 come from numerous Indian literatures while the others are from international open access sources. IBIS-Flora contains distribution maps for 14,899 species and has more than 65,000 Bibliography from regional Flora. The Portal also offers details such as place of publication of angiosperms, abbreviated names of authors,  names as per the international standards and a centralized repository of bibliography of more than 1, 65, 000 citations, covering major publications from India and world across. Further IBIS-Flora has records of photographs, book excerpts, databases like IUCN, NCBI, Biodiversity heritage library and results from search engines like ReFindit. The prime aim of collating this information is to provide baseline data for the Flora of India and to enhance the understanding of amateurs and enthusiasts on biodiversity and its conservation related issues.

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