Genetic dissection of leaf area by jointing two F2 : 3 populations in maize (Zea Mays L.)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:Ku, L, Zhang, J, Zhang, JChen, Guo, S, Liu, H, Zhao, R, Yan, Q, Chen, Y
Journal:Plant Breeding
Date Published:2012
ISBN Number:1439-0523
Keywords:candidate gene, Leaf area, maize, meta-analysis, QTL

With 1 figure and 5 tables Abstract Leaf area (LA) is the most important photosynthesis acceptor, and therefore, size of LA (especially the three ear-leaves) plays a vital role in dry matter accumulation and grain yield in maize. Genetic mechanisms on LA have a theoretical significance for breeding maize with high yield. However, the genetic control of LA remains unknown in maize. In this study, QTL for LA were mapped using two sets of connected F2 : 3 populations with 229 and 245 families evaluated in two to three environments. Meta-analysis was used to integrate genetic maps and detect QTL across two populations. A total of 38 QTL were detected, 17 in population 1 and 21 in population 2. Thirty-eight QTL were integrated in 13 meta-QTL (mQTL). The novel mQTL2-1 was found to include two initial QTL, and mQTL5-2 to include four initial QTL. Both of them had one of the initial QTL with R2 over 10%. Therefore, the chromosome regions for these two mQTL with high QTL co-localization might be hot spots for important QTL for LA. Seven key candidate genes controlling related traits of LA were observed to be coincided with five corresponding mQTL, including Arlng1, ArPFL2/OsH1, ArCLF/ArCyCB2;3(LL), ArCYCD3;2, and Osnrl. Especially, Arlng1 was mapped within the important mQTL2-1 interval. Fine mapping for genetic regions of such mQTL is worth further study and could be put into use in marker-assisted breeding. The results provide useful information for further researching and understanding of the molecular mechanisms with regard to LA.

Short Title:Plant Breeding
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