Genome constitutions of Roegneriaalashanica, R. elytrigioides, R. magnicaespes and R. grandis (Poaceae: Triticeae) via genomic in-situ hybridization

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Yu, H-Q, Zhang, C, Ding, C-B, ZHANG, HAI-QIN, ZHOU, YONG-HONG
Journal:Nordic Journal of Botany
Date Published:2010
ISBN Number:1756-1051
Keywords:Agropyron, Hordeum, Poaceae

The genomic constitutions of Roegneria alashanica, R. elytrigioides, R. magnicaespes and R. grandis were studied using GISH. DNA of Pseudoroegneria spicata (St), P. libanotica (St), P. stipifolia (St), R. ciliaris (StY), Lopophyllum elongatum (Ee), Agropyron cristatum (P) and Hordeum bogdanii (H) were used for probing, respectively. The results indicated that: 1) R. alashanica and R. magnicaespes contained one St genome, the other genome was unidentified, however, it was not an E, P, H or Y genome; 2) R. elytrigioides contained two St genomes and should on this basis be included in Pseudoroegneria; 3) R. grandis contained an St and an Stg genome. The Stg genome is suggested to be a modified form of the St genome of Pseudoroegneria and to be homoeologous with the Y genome. It might be an intermediate type between the St and Y genomes. Therefore, R. elytrigioides should be treated as Pseudoroegneriaelytrigioides.Roegneria alashanica, R. magnicaespes and R. grandis does apparently not belong in the genus Roegneria but further studies are needed to establish their correct taxonomic position.

Short Title:Nordic Journal of Botany
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