Plastidial Thioredoxin z Interacts with Two Fructokinase-Like Proteins in a Thiol-Dependent Manner: Evidence for an Essential Role in Chloroplast Development in Arabidopsis and Nicotiana benthamiana

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Arsova, B, Hoja, U, Wimmelbacher, M, Greiner, E, Üstün, Ş, Melzer, M, Petersen, K, Lein, W, BÖRNKE, FREDERIK
Journal:The Plant Cell
Date Published:2010
ISBN Number:10404651

Here, we characterize a plastidial thioredoxin (TRX) isoform from Arabidopsis thaliana that defines a previously unknown branch of plastidial TRXs lying between x- and y-type TRXs and thus was named TRX z. An Arabidopsis knockout mutant of TRX z had a severe albino phenotype and was inhibited in chloroplast development. Quantitative real-time RT-PCR analysis of the mutant suggested that the expressions of genes that depend on a plastid-encoded RNA polymerase (PEP) were specifically decreased. Similar results were obtained upon virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) of the TRX z ortholog in Nicotiana benthamiana. We found that two fructokinase-like proteins (FLN1 and FLN2), members of the pfkB-carbohydrate kinase family, were potential TRX z target proteins and identified conserved Cys residues mediating the FLN—TRX z interaction. VIGS in N. benthamiana and inducible RNA interference in Arabidopsis of FLNs also led to a repression of PEP-dependent gene transcription. Remarkably, recombinant FLNs displayed no detectable sugar-phosphorylating activity, and amino acid substitutions within the predicted active site imply that the FLNs have acquired a new function, which might be regulatory rather than metabolic. We were able to show that the FLN2 redox state changes in vivo during light/dark transitions and that this change is mediated by TRX z. Taken together, our data strongly suggest an important role for TRX z and both FLNs in the regulation of PEP-dependent transcription in chloroplasts.

Short Title:The Plant Cell
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