The response of Bromus diandrus and Lolium rigidum to dalapon and glyphosate I: baseline sensitivity

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Journal:Weed Research
Date Published:2010
ISBN Number:1365-3180
Keywords:annual ryegrass, Bromus, coleoptile length, graminicide, great brome, herbicide resistance, Lolium, Lolium rigidum, Mediterranean ryegrass, Petri dish bioassay, plant assay

Barroso J, Loureiro I, Escorial MC & Chueca MC (2010). The response of Bromus diandrus and Lolium rigidum to dalapon and glyphosate I: baseline sensitivity. Weed Research50, 312–319.Summary The establishment of Bromus diandrus and Lolium rigidum baseline sensitivity to glyphosate and dalapon herbicides was studied for the North Central region of Spain. A rapid method in Petri dishes and a plant assay method were evaluated. The studied populations of both weed species showed sensitivity to both herbicides. The rapid method to establish the sensitivity baseline for these species worked properly for dalapon and a good correlation was found between Petri dish and plant assays. In the case of glyphosate, the rapid method was not sensitive enough, so baseline sensitivity establishment would have to be determined with plant assays. The baseline sensitivities will allow us to determine quickly and accurately any variation in the sensitivity of these weeds against these herbicides over time and to detect, at an early stage, the beginning of any trends towards resistance.

Short Title:Weed Research
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