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Scorpiurus muricatus L. subsp. subvillosus (L.) Thell., a potential forage legume species for a Mediterranean environment: a review

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Abbate, V, Maugeri, G, CRISTAUDO, A, GRESTA, F
Journal:Grass and Forage Science
Date Published:2010
ISBN Number:1365-2494
Keywords:agronomic aspects, biology, Ecology, morphology, Scorpiurus

Prickly scorpion’s tail, Scorpiurus muricatus L. subsp. subvillosus (L.) Thell., is an annual legume species, widespread in pastures of the basin of the Mediterranean Sea. It has been neglected by researchers and farmers for a long time, although the species has promise as a forage crop for its high nutritive value, self-reseeding capability and its preference by ruminants. Harvesting and threshing of seed, however, are difficult and it has seed-coat dormancy, which delays and reduces germination, hindering its use as a forage crop. It is suggested that plant breeding programmes would allow the selection of ecotypes and varieties for field crop cultivation. In this study, the main botanical, biological, ecological and agronomic traits are reviewed to identify those issues that currently limit its introduction into cultivation as a forage crop in Mediterranean areas.

Short Title:Grass and Forage Science
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