About IBIS-Flora

IBIS-FLORA is an interactive platform which proffers a humongous database comprising a working checklist of angiosperms of India embodied with species related information such as synonyms, place of publication, regional bibliography, distributional details, other references, photographs and book excerpts.

The database would provide a baseline data for Indian Flora.

 Home Page:

Home page comprises of information on Indian flora, and a tab on recent activities by users

On the landing page of IBIS, user will find a search button, specifying ALL and TAXONOMY.

A comprehensive search for entire database will be provided by selecting ALL and specific species profile page will be provided by selecting TAXONOMY

Flora Page:

This Page comprises two major sections-

On left side a Species directory is given wherein the names are arranged in hierarchical manner and the frame on right will provide the species related data.

    a. Tree of Taxonomic hierarchy

    b. Species Profile

         I. Overview

          1. Nomenclature

              This gives information on the taxonomy i.e. family, genus, place of publication, synonyms etc.

          2. Distribution

               This gives State wise distributions maps for species available 

         II. Descriptions

          2. IUCN Data

               Provides information on IUCN data

          3. NCBI Data

               Provides information on NCBI data

        III. Media

               Provides photographs of plant species in the database

        IV. Literature

              Regional Bibliography

                  Provides references for the species in the various Indian Floras, books and research articles

              Book Excerpts

                  Provides Morphological description of species available in copyright free literature

              Provides extensions for Biodiversity Heritage library and ReFindit 

       V. Maps

              Maps are providing GBIF point location Data

Literature Page

             Centralized repository of bibliography available for 1, 65, 000+ citations, covering major publications from India and world across

Media Gallery

            Provides photographs

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