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<p class="rtejustify">IBIS-Flora is a portal provides baseline data for angiosperm flora of India. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those without their contribution this work will not resulted out.&nbsp;</p>
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The FES gratefully acknowledges the guidance provided by Scientists P. Lakshminarasimhan, S. Biswa, , S. Halder, S. Bandyopadhyay, T. Paul, &amp; V.P. Prasad and library staff of Central National Herbarium, Botanical Survey of India, Howrah.</p>
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Our deepest thank are also due to Dr. M.R. Almeida, who guided us in various issues.</p>
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Acceptance or synonymy of plant names in most cases are followed according to The Plant List version 1.1. Name changes are also tracked for all plants from various Floras and research articles as well as from online databases like IPNI, Tropicos,&nbsp; Catalogue of life, ZipcodeZoo etc. Help was also taken from online version of Flora of China, Flora of Pakistan, Flora of Zambesiaca, and other online Floras of</p>
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We are thankful to the team of scratchpads; V.S. Smith, S. Rycroft, B. Scott, E. Baker, L. Livermore, A. Heaton, K. Bouton, D.N. Koureas &amp; D. Roberts for providing us a virtual research environment infrastructure (Scratchpads 2.0) for better management of our biodiversity data.</p>
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We are grateful to The Duleep Matthai Nature Conservation Trust, Anand for financial support and encouragement for the IBIS Portal Development.</p>
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Lastly, we offer our regards to all of those who supported us in any respect during the completion of the portal.</p>
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<strong>Major References:</strong></p>
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1. The Plant List.</p>
<p class="rtejustify">2. International Plant Name Index.</p>
<p class="rtejustify">3. TROPICOS.</p>
<p class="rtejustify">4. Catalogue of Life.&nbsp;</p>
<p class="rtejustify">5. Flora of China.</p>
<p class="rtejustify">6. Flora of Pakistan.</p>
<p class="rtejustify">7. Flora Zambesiaca: Mozambique, Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Bechuanaland Protectorate. URL:</p>
<p class="rtejustify">8. Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).</p>

Scratchpads developed and conceived by (alphabetical): Ed Baker, Katherine Bouton Alice Heaton Dimitris Koureas, Laurence Livermore, Dave Roberts, Simon Rycroft, Ben Scott, Vince Smith