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Arpit Deomurari: Deputy Manager - Bioinformatics and GIS & Principal Architect - IBIS
He is a technocrat, finds out smarter ways to get away from the “technology world” for his pursuits in wildlife. He has a keen interest in Ornithological Research especially Historical Ornithology of Indian Subcontinent, Population Dynamics, Breeding Biology and Distribution & Niche Modeling. Being a technocrate, he concentrates on using IT for Conservation,"ICT4C" Information and Communication Technologies for Conservation. He strongly believes that one of the fundamental issues in the conservation of biodiversity is the non-availability of adequate and reliable information on a single platform, which would help in developing appropriate conservation strategies. He is an ornithologist at heart and an aspiring professional wildlife photographer with many national and international publications. He believes that wildlife photography is much more than just paraphernalia; it is essentially a way of looking at nature with a degree of sensitivity and understanding. He has been awarded Carl Zeiss Widllife Conservation Award for his work on IBIS Portals. He consider all the professional quality/work he possess as a hobby for him, So he can deliver the best.
Minal Jani: Project Officer - IBIS - Plant Taxonomy

She is a plant taxonomist and working in the field of biodiversity informatics since more than six years. She is a skilled Flora writer. With her wide knowledge, planning and a small team, she could able to manage the compilation of the database on Indian Flora within a one year of time.
Komal Matieda: Project Officer - IBIS

She is a “Nature lover”, interested in traveling, wildlife, birding and photography. She enjoys roaming around looking for birds. By education she is a botanist, working in the area of biodiversity since 2012. She gave her best in various responsibilities from content development to taxonomy. Mainly she focused upon AVIS phase-II of Indian subcontinent along with other portals.
Jay Patel: Project Officer

He is web developer studied Bioinformatics. He is an excellent programmer with combination knowledge of life science and technology. He actively contributes as a developer and maintainer of the IBIS portals. He implemented many of the features on the portals. Apart from these he is interested in Perl.
Hardik Dubal: Deputy Manager

He is a computer engineer. He has a more than 6 years of experience and has worked majorly in interactivity domain working on UI & Front-end design, Game development, and Programming and Graphics design.

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